Instagram is a very popular one. In the platform were a lot of people  like to make and watch videos . Here you will get to see many filters so that you can take very good photos of selfies. where we will tell you about a new filter which is running very much on the trainding its name is eye color filter.

what is eye filter?

Eye filter is a filter in which you will be able to change the collor of your eye in your selfie or in the video you can make colorful and take photos acccording to you which is currently running on the trainding too much. on instagram you can also make  a bridge video and go viral because it has a high chance of going viral that a filter is trending on instagram.

steps to get eye color change filter on instagram 

1.First of all you have to download instagram from play store and after downloading you have to login . If you have account then you can sign up new login and also create new account on instagram.

2.If you are successfully login. in instagraqm you will see a profile picture of yours at the top left side where you have to simply click there you will remember that the camera will be turned on and if you want to take a photo of you then you can take it at the time. You will also be given the option to select other wise photos from your gallery.

3.Now you will get to see many filter You can use whichever on you like best otherwise you can also search Eye filter can use as many colors as you want.there you lie whatever color you want you can search the filter of that color very easily and you can apply in your filters and also in your videos or stories.

5.if you like photo with filter then you will be able download your video very easily. all you have to do is click on the download button and from there you can have both photo or video in your gallery.

Eye color filter advantages 

  • there are many benefits of using an ice color filter on of which is that you di not need to wear any lenses when you look in your camera the lens will automatically be installed then lens which is in your photo will be installed automatically and the photo is also very good.

  • With the help of eye color filter your photo is very nice and beautiful you will be able to change the color of your eyes according to you You can click great photos without buying any lenses opr wearing lenses in eye filters from instagram 

  • You will get this filter on instagrm absolutely free this is a big advantage because you have to pay for this filter in many places but you will not need to pay any money on instagram.

I ho[e you are able  to use instagram filters very well. after reading this post and on instagram can go viral very quickly. By using this new filter of yours.

Thank You.........