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"Brothers are like street-lights along the road,they don't make distance any shorter butthey light up the path and make the walk worthwhile."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"You were always my best friend,Looking out for me,Making sure the path I travelled on was smooth.Even if I searched the world over,there cannot be a better brother than you.Wishing You Life's Best Always."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"We were always close, looking...

Raksha Bandhan Sms – Mein rakhi nahi Bandhugi.

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Raksha bandhan Sms, Mein rakhi nahi bandhugi. raksha bandhan sad sms, respect girl and women, raksha bandhan sms. Rakhi sms. मेरे जैसा कोई रो रहा है... क्योंकि तूम जैसा कोई उसे छेड़ रहा है... मेरे भाई क्या तूम ऐसा कर सकते हो ? हर नारी का सम्मान कर सकते हो... हर नारी फिर डर के ना रहेगी... हर जगह खुल के हवा में साँस ले...